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Monica Mattana


Email: mattana * ibba.cnr.it | Phone: 223699677 | Fax: 223699411



Biotic, Abiotic / Environmental Stress, Gene expression regulation, Secondary metabolism / natural products

Plant growth under controlled stress conditions, Metabolite analysis, Molecular biology

Ongoing projects


The research project currently running in our laboratory are in the field of plant adaptation to stress conditions such as anaerobiosis, cold and drought stress. The abiotic stresses are important factor affecting agronomic yield and product quality. So the study of the biochemical and molecular machanisms involved in stress response could help to improve stress-tolerance in sensitive crops and to avoid crop losses. Accordo quadro CNR-Regione Lombardia (2008-11): “expression analysis and metabolite profilinf of different rice and tomato cultivars differing for their sensitivity or tolerance to drought stress and pathogen A second focus, in the laboratory, is exploring the metabolite profiling of selected species to study the secondary metabolite production with the aim to identify compound with pharmacological activity. VELICA project (feb 2011-aug.2013): flax and hemp phenilpropanoid metabolism.

Selected Publications

  • Caruso P., Baldoni E., Mattana M., Pietro Paolo D., Genga A., Coraggio I., Russo G., Picchi V., Reforgiato Recupero G., Locatelli F. (2012) "Ectopic expression of a rice transcription factor, Mybleu, enhances tolerance of transgenic plants of Carrizo citrange to low oxygen stress". PLANT CELL TISSUE AND ORGAN CULTURE 109:327–339
  • Genga A., Mattana M., Coraggio I., Locatelli F., Piffanelli P., Consonni R. (2011).  Chapter 14:  "Plant Metabolomics: A Characterisation of Plant Responses to Abiotic Stresses". In: Abiotic Stress in Plants - Mechanisms and Adaptations; ed. Arun Shanker;  InTech - Open Access Publisher - Website: http://www.intechweb.org ISBN 978-953-307-394-1 (pagg. 309-350)
  • M. Laura, R. Consonni, F. Locatelli, E. Fumagalli, A. Allavena, I. Coraggio, M. Mattana (2010) Metabolic response to cold and freezing of Osteospermum ecklonis overexpressing Osmyb4. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 48: 764-771
  • G. Pasquali, S. Biricolti, F. Locatelli, E. Baldoni, M. Mattana (2008) Osmyb4 expression improves adaptive responses to drought and cold stress in transgenic apples. Plant Cell Rep  27:1677–1686
  • M. Mattana, C. Vannini, L. Espen, M. Bracale, A. Genga, M. Marsoni, M. Iriti, V. Bonazza, F. Romagnoli, E. Baldoni, I. Coraggio and Franca Locatell  (2007) The rice Mybleu transcription factor increases tolerance to oxygen deprivation in Arabidopsis plants. Physiologia Plantarum 131: 106–121.
  •  M. Mattana, E. Biazzi, A. Bertani, I. Coraggio (2006)  Characterization of the Ferredoxin-Gogat gene (OsGog2 clone) expression in rice. BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 50 (2): 187-192
  • Vannini C, Locatelli F, Bracale M, Magnani E, Marsoni M, Osnato M, Mattana M, Baldoni E, Coraggio I (2004) Overexpression of the rice Osmyb4 gene increases chilling and freezing tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana plants. Plant J. 37: 115-127

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