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Stefania Chessaalt


Email: chessa * ibba.cnr.it

Phone: +3903714662507

Fax:     +3903714662501


Education and professional experience
2001 Degree in Animal Production Science at the University of Milan

2002 Visiting PhD Student at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen (Germany) - Research on molecular biology (goat casein genes)

2005 PhD in Animal Production at the University of Milan

2005-2009 Post-doc Research Fellowship at the Department of Veterinary Science and Technology for Food Safety (University of Milan) - Research on the application of molecular technologies and microarray analysis for the genetic improvement of farm animals; analysis of the genetic variability and its effects on milk/meat quality traits; divulgation of research results to the breeders' associations

2008 - Teaching Assistant: Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science (University of Brescia); Genetic and Technology of Animal Production (University of Milan); Genetic Improvement (University of Milan)

Plant and Animal Biodiversity, Traceability and safety of feed and food products

Molecular biology, Genome analysis, Molecular diagnostics of feed and foods, Biostatistics and bioinformatics

Ongoing projects
Research and innovation in livestock molecular selection to increase the competitiveness of the national animal breeding sector. WP Research and use of associations between SNPs and quantitative and quality traits of sheep and goat milk & WP Training and updating of the farmers organization on the use of molecular genetic tools in livestock selection (2011-2013)

Integrated Knowledge for Sustainability and Innovation of “Made in Italy” in the Agroalimentary System "Genetic and functional characterization of autochthonous pig breeds in Southern Italy for the valorization of local products and for the conservation of biodiversity" - WP1 Genomic characterization for the valorization of small populations and their products (2011-2013)

FEARS - Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 "Information and Knowledge Dissemination" - New tools for the improvement and valorization of traditional dairy products from Valtellina (2011)

Accordo Quadro CNR-Regione Lombardia "Biological resources and innovative technologies for the sustainable development of the Agroalimentary System” - WP4 Characterization and genetic management of livestock populations - Objective 1 - High-throughput genotyping of cattle breeds for diagnostics and selection" (2008-2013).

Selected publications

  • Colombo F., Chessa S., Cattaneo P., Bernardi C.E.M. 2011. Polymerase chain reaction products (PCR) on DNA barcode zone resolved by temporal temperature gradient electophoresis : A tool for species identification of mixed meat specimens : A technical note on preliminary results. Food Control, 22:1471-1472
  • Ballabio C., Chessa S., Rignanese D., Gigliotti C., Pagnacco G., Terracciano L., Fiocchi A., Restani P., Caroli A.M. 2011. Goat milk allergenicity as a function of αS1-casein genetic polymorphism. J. Dairy Sci. 94:998–1004.
  • Lauri A., Chessa S., Raschetti M., Castiglioni B., Mariani P., Caetano A.R. 2011. New labelling technology for molecular probes applied to the Ligation Detection Reaction - Universal Array (LDR-UA) system. Mol. Biotechnol., 47:1-8.
  • Martini M., Salari F., Altomonte I., Rignanese D., Chessa S., Caroli A. 2010. The Garfagnina goat: an overview of a dairy local population. J. Dairy Sci., 93: 4659-4667.
  • Tulipano G., Bulgari O., Chessa S., Nardone A., Cocchi D., Caroli A. 2010. Direct effects of casein phosphopeptides on growth and differentiation of in vitro cultured osteoblastic cells (MC3T3-E1). Regul. Pept., 160:168-174.
  • Conte G., Mele M., Chessa S.,Castiglioni B., Serra A., Pagnacco G., Secchiari P. 2010. Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase 1, Stearoyl-Coenzyme A Desaturase 1 and Sterol Regulator Element Binding Protein 1 gene polymorphisms and milk fatty acid composition in Italian Brown cattle. J. Dairy Sci., 93:753-763
  • Küpper J., Chessa S., Rignanese D., Caroli A., Erhardt G. 2010. Divergence at the casein haplotypes in dairy and meat goat breeds. J. Dairy Res., 77:56-62 8. Caroli A.M., Chessa S., Erhardt G.J. 2009. Invited review: Milk protein polymorphisms in cattle: impact on animal breeding and human nutrition. J. Dairy Sci., 92 :5335–5352
  • Chessa S., Rignanese D., Kupper J., Pagnacco G., Erhardt G., Caroli A. 2008. Short Communication: The β-casein (CSN2) silent allele C1 is highly spread in goat breeds. J. Dairy Sci., 91: 4433-4436
  • Comin A., Cassandro M., Chessa S., Ojala M., Dal Zotto R., De Marchi M., Carnier P., Gallo L., Pagnacco G., Bittante G. 2008. Effects of Casein Genotypes on Milk Coagulation, Quality, and Yield Traits in Holstein Cows. J. Dairy Sci., 91: 4022-4027
  • Mele M., Conte G., Castiglioni B., Chessa S., Macciotta N.P.P., Serra A., Buccioni A., Pagnacco G., Secchiari P. 2007. Stearoyl-Coenzyme A Desaturase Gene Polymorphism and Milk Fatty Acid Composition in Italian Holsteins. J. Dairy Sci., 90: 4458-4465
  • Chessa S., Chiatti F., Ceriotti G., Caroli A., Consolandi C., Pagnacco G., Castiglioni B. 2007. Development of a SNP Genotyping Microarray Platform for the Identification of Bovine Milk Protein Genetic Polymorphisms. J. Dairy Sci., 90: 451-464
  • Caroli A., Chiatti F., Chessa S., Rignanese D., Bolla P., Pagnacco G. 2006. Focusing on the goat casein gene complex. J. Dairy Sci., 89: 3178-3187
  • Prinzenberg E.M., Gutscher K., Chessa S., Caroli A., Erhardt G. 2005. Caprine kappa-casein polymorphism: new developments of the molecular knowledge. J. Dairy Sci., 88: 1490-1498
  • Caroli A., Chessa S., Bolla P., Budelli E., Gandini G. 2004. Genetic structure of milk protein polymorphisms and effects on milk production traits in a local dairy cattle. J. Anim. Breed. Genet., 121: 119-127

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