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Silvia Gianìalt


Email: Giani * ibba.cnr.it | Phone: 223699440 | Fax: 223699411


1979- Doctoral Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Rome, cum laude
1985- Postgraduate in General Pathology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore- Rome, cum laude.

 Professional Experience

1980-1981- Fellowship. Dept Obstetrics and Ginecology working on a C.N.R. (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) grant
1981-1990- CNR Contract
1982-1983- Postdoctoral fellowship in research laboratory of Wistar Institute of Biology and Anatomy, Philadelphia, PA, USA under the sponsorship of Dr. Massimo Trucco.
1984-1987- CNR contract. Center for Muscle Physiology-C.N.R, Milan Working in the research lab. of National Institute of Cancer under the sponsorship of Dr.sa M.I. Colnaghi.
1987-1989- CNR-Contract. Istituto di Tecnologie Biomediche Avanzate C.N.R. Milan.  Feb. 87- Aug. 87 Visiting Scientist at laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology of National Institute of Health- National Cancer Institute, NIH Bethesda USA. June 1988-Aug. 88 Visiting Scientist presso il Laboratorio of Molecular Virology, National Institute of Health NIH-NCI, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A Oct.1988-Gen.89 Visiting Scientist at Department of Microbiology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh N.C., U.S.A. 1990- today - Senior researcher Institute Biologia e Biotecnologia Agraria Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IBBA-CNR) Milano (Directed by Dr. A. Ceriotti).
2009- today-Member of the intramural Institute Committee IBBA-CNR Milano


Dr. Gianì has 35 years of experience in scientific research, largely spent in the development of new methods of analyses such as it was the production of monoclonal antibodies in the 80ies, the production of transgenic plants in the 90ies, new methods for the microprinting of protein and DNA and innovative methods for plant and animal genetic characterization that from 2010 through 2014 has resulted in the deposition and registration of one European patent, one Italian patent and two international PCT applications. On top of these methodological approaches, Dr. Gianì has maintained high her skill and knowledge in cell biology with specific emphasis on the study of the plant cytoskeleton. One of her major is the long-lasting study on the response of microtubules to antimitotic drugs looking for effects on cell shape and division as well as for regulatory mechanisms that are activated to modulate the amount of tubulin (the main component of cellular microtubules) at both transcriptional and translational levels. In addition Dr. Gianì has acted as Referee for International Scientific Journals and funding Agencies and has been tutoring several University students. She has deposited 60 sequences in NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) GENEBANK


Plant and Animal Biodiversity, Cell morphogenesis and organelle biogenesis / function, Gene expression regulation, Traceability and safety of feed and food products

Molecular biology, Genome analysis, Cell Biology, Molecular diagnostics of feed and foods

Ongoing projects


2013-2015 Partecipant CNR-Regione Lombardia Agreement.Project; FILAGRO Innovative and sustainable strategies for the Agrifood chain.

2013-2015 Partecipant action1.2.3 DNA barcode for certification and traciability of food products. OR 1.2 of project Safe & Smart of Agrifood National Tecnological Cluster.

2012-2015 Partecipant. FEEDCODE : Animal feed certification instrument and procedure to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products through automatic, simple and rapid DNA barcode method based on tubulin-based polymorphism (TBP), project funded by the European Commission , 7th frame program , grant agreement n. 315464 ; Research performer IBBA-CNR.


Selected Publications

  • 1. Gianì S., Campanoni P., and Breviario D. A dual effect on protein synthesis and degradation modulates tubulin level in rice cells treated with oryzalin. Planta 214, 837-847 (2002)
    2. Gianì S., Morello L., Bardini M., Breviario D. Tubulin Intron sequences: multi-functional tools. Cell biology international.27,203-205 (2003)
    3. Fiume E.,Christou P., Gianì S. and Breviario D. : Introns are key regulatory elements of rice tubulin expression. Planta 218 : 693-703 (2004)
    4. Bardini M., Lee D , Donini P. , Mariani A., Gianì S. , Toschi M., Lowe C., and Breviario D. : TBP: a new tool for testing genetic diversity in plant species based on functionally relevant sequences . Genome 247 :281-91 (2004).
    5. Breviario D., Baird WV, Sangoi S, Hilu K, Blumetti P and Gianì S : High polymorphism and resolution in targeted fingerprinting with combined beta-tubulin introns. Mol Breeding 20 : 249-259 (2007)
    6. Breviario D., Gianì S, Ponzoni E, Mastromauro F and Morello L : Plant tubulin intronics. Cell Biology International 32: 571-573 (2008)
    7. Breviario D. Morello L., Manca A and Gianì S : The importance of being an intron. By wild...type tubulin genes: In WV Baird, Y. Blume, D. Breviario (Eds) : The Plant Cytoskeleton : genomic and bioinfomatic tools for biotechnology and Agriculture. Springer pp 199-218 (2008)
    8. Gianì S, Altana A, Campanoni P, Morello L and Breviario D : In transgenic rice, - and -tubulin regulatory seqeunces control GUS amount and distribution through intron mediated enhancement and intron dependent spatial expression . Trans. Res. 18 issue 2 : 151-162 (2008)
    9. Ponzoni E, Gianì S, Mastromauro F and Breviario D : Single plant components traced in raw goat milk samples. (2009) International Conference on FoodOmics, Cesena Italy. Special issue on Nutrients
    10. Mastromauro F, Ponzoni E., Gianì S and Breviario D : Traceability of plant diet contents in raw cow milk samples. (2009) International Conference on FoodOmics, Cesena Italy. Special issue on Nutrients
    11. Casazza AP. Gavazzi F., Mastromauro F., Gianì S and Breviario D. : The feed guarantees the quality of the food : an easy way to trace plant species in commercial feedstuffs. (2009) International Conference on FoodOmics, Cesena Italy. Special issue on Nutrients
    12. Ponzoni E, Gianì S, Mastromauro F and Breviario D : From milk to diet : feed recognition for milk authenticity. Submitted to Journal of Dairy Science (2009)
    13. Galeotti F, Chiusa I, Morello L, Gianì S, Breviario D, Damin F, Chiari M and Bolognesi A : Breath figures-mediated microprinting allows for versatile applications in molecular biology. Polymer 45, 3027-3034 (2009)
    14. Casazza AP, Gavazzi F, Mastromauro F , Gianì S and Breviario D. : Certifying the feed to guarantee the quality of traditional food : an easy way to trace plant species in complex mixtures. Food Chemistry, 124. 685-691 (2011)
    15. Gianì S, Casazza AP, Braglia L,Gavazzi F and Breviario D.: Feed to milk: New tools for the identification of plant species. Animal feed: Types, Nutrition and Safety. Editor Borgearo Sarah R., 2011 Nova Science Publisher, Inc. pp. 219-238. (ISBN 978-1-61209-346-8)
    16. Morello L., Troina F., Gianì S., Breviario D.: Testing the IMEter on rice introns and other aspects of intron-mediated enhancement of gene expression. Journal of experimental botany, 533-544 (2011)
    17. Ponzoni E., BreviarioD., Mautino*A., Gianì S., Morello L.: A multiplex, bead-based array for profiling plant-derived components in complex food matrixes. Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry, 405 (30), 9849-9858 (2013)
    18. Breviario, D.; Giani, S.; Morello, L.: Multiple tubulins: evolutionary aspects and biological implication. Plant journal (Online). 75 (2), 202-218 (2013)
    19. Morettini S., Gianì S., Nick P., Morello L., Breviario D.: Two anti-microtubular drugs for two differential responses : a rice cell line resistant to EPC remains susceptible to oryzalin. Plant physiology and biochemistry. 63, 107-114 (2013)
    20. Ponzoni E., Morello L., Gianì S., Breviario D. traceback identification of plant components in commercial compound feed through an oligonucleotide microarray based on tubulin intron polymorphism. Food chemistry.162, 72-80 (2014)


  • 1. BreviarioD. and Gianì S. Process for the evaluation and monitoring of genetic variability of Vegetable species European released Patent n. 1144691, 1st September 2010

    2. Breviario D., Casazza AP., Gavazzi F., Ponzoni E., Braglia L. e Gianì S : Process for the identification and traceability of plant components. International No PCT/IB2011/000146 (priority MI2010A000163 3rdFebruary2010)

    3. Diego Breviario, Silvia Gianì, Laura Morello, Francesco Mastromauro, Floriana Gavazzi, Luca Braglia, Elena Ponzoni. Process and Kit for food analysis. Italian patent application n. TO2013A000501 of 18/06/2013. International patent application n. PCT/IB2014/062265 June 16 (2014) CNR Ref.10262. 100% CNR ownership. Prot. CNR 0045956 del 26/7/2013.

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