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Giovanna Frugis

Primo Ricercatore

Email: frugis * ibba.cnr.it | Phone: 0039 06 90675857 | Fax: 0039 06 90675856


Education and Professional Experience

1991-1996: PhD level formation in Plant Molecular Biology at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) 

1991: Laurea cum laude in Biological Sciences, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy


Molecular biology, Genome analysis, Cell Biology

Ongoing projects


2010-2011: "Role of M. truncatula KNOX genes in rhizobia-induced root nodule organogenesis". CNR/CNRS (Italia-Francia) bilateral project. Scientist in charge

2010-2012: "Control of protein degradation in plant development and environmental response". Significant Research Project within the frame of the Executive Programme of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italy and China of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). Italian Coordinator

2011-2013: "Identità, tracciabilità, e valorizzazione di indivia, scarola e puntarelle (Chicorium spp.) del Lazio e della Puglia mediante tecnologie “olistiche” e funzionali per tratti di interesse nutrizionale ed economico. Progetto Conoscenze Integrate per la Sostenibilità e l’Innovazione del made in Italy Agroalimentare (CISIA). Coordinatore Dott. Donato Giannino.

Selected publications

  • Di Giacomo E., Sestili F., Iannelli M.A., Testone G., Mariotti D., Frugis G. (2008) Characterization of KNOX genes in Medicago truncatula. Plant Mol. Biol., 67(1-2):135-50
  • Frugis G, Chua NH (2002) Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis in plant hormone signal transduction. Trends Cell Biol. Jul;12(7):308-11 Zuo J, Niu QW, Frugis G, Chua NH (2002) The WUSCHEL gene promotes vegetative-to-embryonic transition in Arabidopsis. Plant J. May;30(3):349-59
  • Frugis G, Giannino D, Mele G, Nicolodi C, Chiappetta A, Bitonti MB, Innocenti AM, Dewitte W, Van Onckelen H and Mariotti D (2001) “Overexpression of KNAT1 in Lettuce Shifts Leaf Determinate Growth to a Shoot-like Indeterminate Growth Associated to an Accumulation of Isopentenyl-Type Cytokinins” Plant Physiol., 126:1-11
  • Qi Xie, Giovanna Frugis, Diana Colgan and Nam-Hai Chua (2000) “Arabidopsis NAC1 transduces auxin signals downstream of TIR1 to promote lateral root development” Genes & Development 1;14(23):3024-36

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