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Elena Baldoni

Ricercatore TD

Email: baldoni * ibba.cnr.it | Phone: 223699689 | Fax: 223699411



Education and professional experience
PhD in “Plant Biology and Crop Productivity”, “Università Statale di Milano” in Milan (Italy). April 2007. Master Degree in “Plant Biotechnology”, “Università Statale di Milano”. Final mark: 110/110. April 2002.

Biotic, Abiotic / Environmental Stress, Gene expression regulation

Plant growth under controlled stress conditions, Molecular biology

Ongoing projects
“Expression analysis of transcription factors in different Italian rice cultivars differing in their tolerance to drought stress.” The aim of this work is the identification of transcription factors, especially Myb factors known to be involved in environmental stress response, which expression pattern correlates to drought tolerance in Italian rice cultivars. Another project is in progress on Italian tomato cultivars to identify, through transcriptional profile analysis, different pathways activated in response to osmotic stress in drought-tolerant and drought-sensitive cultivars. This work is supported by Accordo Quadro CNR - Regione Lombardia (http://ribitinnova.ibba.cnr.it/)

Selected publications

  • Fumagalli E., Baldoni E., Abbruscato P., Piffanelli P., Genga A., Lamanna R., Consonni R. “NMR techniques coupled multivariate statistical analysis: tools to analyze Oryza sativa metabolic content under stresses.” Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science (2009) 195, 77-88.
  • Pasquali G., Biricolti S., Locatelli F., Baldoni E., Mattana M. “Osmyb4 expression affects drought and cold tolerance in transgenic apple.” Plant Cell Reports (2008) 27, 1677-86.
  • Mattana M., Vannini C., Espen L., Bracale M., Genga A., Marsoni M., Iriti M., Bonazza V., Romagnoli F., Baldoni E., Coraggio I., Locatelli F. "The rice Mybleu transcription factor increases tolerance to oxygen deprivation in Arabidopsis plants." Physiologia Plantarum (2007) 131, 106-121.
  • Mattana M., Carravieri S., Vannini C., Bracale M., Locatelli F., Baldoni E., Pasquali G., Mancuso S., Biricolti S., Natoli V., Corneti S., Tuberosa R., Laura M., Allavena A., Faoro F., Iriti M., Coraggio I. “Osmyb4: a tool to improve multiple stress tolerance in crops.” (2005) In: R.E. Evenson and V. Santaniello (eds). Agricultural Biotechnology: Ten Years After, 9th ICABR International Conference, http://www.economia.uniroma2.it/conferenze/icabr2005; 2005 Conference papers: Coraggio Immacolata et al.
  • Vannini C., Locatelli F., Bracale M., Magnani E., Marsoni M., Osnato M., Mattana M., Baldoni E., Coraggio I. “Overexpression of the rice Osmyb4 gene increases chilling and freezing tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana plants.” Plant Journal (2004) 37,115-127.
  • Lupotto E., Conti E., Reali A, Lanzanova C., Baldoni E., Allegri L. “Improving in vitro culture and rigeneration conditions for Agrobacterium-mediated maize transformation”. Maydica (2004); 49, 21-29.
  • Lanzanova C., Conti E., Baldoni E., Allegri L., Hartings H., Lupotto E. “Ectopic expression of the endosperm albumin b32 in transgenic maize”. Maize Gen. Coop. Newsletter (2003), 47.
  • Conti E., Lanzanova C., Baldoni E., Allegri L., Lupotto E. “Improving in vitro culture and transformation conditions in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize”. Maize Gen. Coop. Newsletter (2003), 47.

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