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Traceability and safety of feed and food products

1. Animal products quality, authenticity and safety by informative markers and identification of molecular diagnostic methods:

Castiglioni, Cremonesi, Leone, Chessa.

2. Milk components with specific nutritional characteristics and effects on human health:


3. Innovative molecular technologies for dairy products quality control:

Castiglioni, Cremonesi, Leone.

4. Quality assessment of selected food:

Frassinetti, Longo.

5. Microbiological safety of food products:


6. DNA traceability in plant-derived feed and food products:

Breviario, Morello, Gianì, Casazza.

7. Metabolism of natural and synthetic substances present in food chain:

Longo, Frassinetti.

8. Mutagenesis and antimutagenesis on food chemical compounds:

Frassinetti, Longo.

9. Seed nutritional quality improvement:

Sparvoli, Bollini, Panzeri.

10. Nutritional value of mycorrhizal plant products:

Sbrana, Avio.

11. Phosphorous nutrition. Phytic acid synthesis and storage. Low phytic acid (lpa) mutants:

Sparvoli, Bollini, Panzeri

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