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Lodi Unit

Responsible dr. Flavia Pizzi
c/o PTP, Via Einstein 26900 Lodi
Ph. +39 0371 4662 505
Fax +39 0371 4662 501

E-mail: pizzi*ibba.cnr.it (1)

How to reach us (Google Maps)

(1) in order to avoid spamming the @ was replaced by *


The research on this Unit take the issue of management and conservation of animal genetic resources by combining traditional methods with advanced biotechnology.
The characterization and conservation of genetic resources through breeding and biotechnology analytics are crucial to the sustainability of livestock production in a system where quality and tipicality of the products are highly dependent on the availability of biodiversity.

In 2002, as part of a reorganisation process involving CNR's Research sections, the Institute for Defence and Valorisation of the Animal Germplasm (IDVGA) merged along with other entities into IBBA. Within its new institutional position, GA has been pursuing its previous research themes finding several areas of cultural integration with the rest of IBBA, as well as promoting and starting programs and research studies in conjunction with researchers from other entities. At the end of December 2002, the GA section team welcomed two new researchers devoted to developing research projects in the field of bioinformatics and molecular genetics. The team was further increased by a technician coming from a former CNR Centre, a Professor from the University of Milan and former IDVGA Director as “associated member”, but lost a first researcher who found a more convenient position within the CNR Molecular Biology Institute in Pavia. The section has got several labs and offices at the CNR Research Area Milan 4 (LITA Segrate), whereas a working team with two GA researchers was operating at the Department of Veterinarian Science and Technology for Food safety of the University of Milan. At the LITA headquarter, within a specific Agreement, GA housed a few researchers from the Parco Tecnologico Padano (LO), working in close cooperation with CNR people on projects concerning the agro-alimentary field, and namely the domestic animal population. The Animal Germplasm unit has recently moved to Lodi, at the Parco Tecnologico Padano site, where about 350 square meters of labs and offices are devoted to it.

Staff at the Lodi unit comprises 7 researchers, 2 associated researchers, 5 trainees (last update april 2016).

The main themes of research conducted by the researchers are related to the following: 1) economically significant relationships between genome and phenotypes; 2) reproduction and genetic conservation; 3) bioinformatics . These basic themes comprise specific projects that are often supported by external funds apart from the ordinary yearly capital provisions by the CNR to its entities, that are getting scantier every year. These specific projects perfectly match IBBA's statutory foundation and, although they often focus research on basic issues, they mostly provide concrete answers to operating issues, such as, for instance, the quality improvement of pork meat to be used in quality sausage products or the genetic conservation of domestic animal breeds to prevent their extinction.

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